Imaginary Friend

IMG_20170820_150643306.jpgMy imagination was always unique. Meaning it was and still is very wild and unpredictable. I use to see every image I dare to think of as if they were real.

When I was very young, and I mean like 5, I had a imaginary friend. His name was Kiepie and he was a ant that lived in my belly button. ( This is the part were I would like to point out I was very weird and far from normal ). Kiepie and I did everything together. From Swimming to sleeping. Kiepie was always by my side. ( I would also just like to point out that at that stage I had only a few friends and my sister and I didn’t really get along well… she was 8 at that time. ) Kiepie was my go to buddy when I cried or just needed to play in another world.

Together Kiepie and I explored the known world. From the dark corners of the garage to the dangerous crossing over the mud puddles. Only I could see Kiepie ( of course ) but still my mother made an effort to make him feel at home. He even had his special place to sit at the dinner table.

Then Maria came into the picture. My Kiepie fell in love. She was a nice girl and looked after my Kiepie. Both Kiepie and Maria stayed with me for a long time before they got married when I was 11 years old. Soon after Kiepie and maria left me. I grew up and they moved away. It was a very sad day, but necessary for me to go from imaginary friends to real ones.

I still talk of Kiepie and Maria. If you really want to know they moved overseas and already have 3 children. Daisy, Jordan and little Micheal.

This can serve as proof that ones imagination has no limits to it. And Yes this is based on the truth and even though I now know Kiepie and Maria wasn’t real ,they were real to me as a child and will always be.

Till next time


Nomster Lady ❤


Reality vs. Expectation

Reality. Many people have different views on this concept. So what is reality really ? Is it a simple ‘what happens in the real world’ or is it something more…?

You see, I see reality as the thing that you find to be the most real in this wonderful life of ours. Its not simply what happens in the world, but it’s what you see happening in this world. Reality can only be reality if you see the whole picture. Meaning all the big AND the little things in life.

My reality will be different than your reality. The way I see the world will be different than the way you see the world.

Now expectation is another form of your reality. Expectation is literally what you expect your reality to be like. Yes, sometimes they are different but that’s okay. No one’s perfect in this life and you are allowed to expect a bit more from this life. Its only the most human thing to do. Life is full of surprises, but once you master the art of excepting and adjusting to these surprises, you can confidently say you’ve mastered life.

Remember to not only focus on the big things in life, but also the little things. Usually they are the most important details of your life’s story. And no book is interesting without the small details to color the picture with.

So whatever you do in this life, do it in a way that reality and expectation are one in the same thing. Make your own reality and live it.

Till next time…


Nomster lady ❤


Wat is meer ideaal?

n Mens weet nooit wat meer gepas is nie. Situasies maak dit nogals moeilik om presies te weet wat gaan werk en wat nie, bv. vriendskap bo liefde of liefde bo vriendskap?

as jy nooit probeer nie sal jy nooit weet nie! Wees n sport en kies die avontuurlike keuse, maar bly oopkop… Situasies verander, mense verander so ook keuses. Party maal is die uitspattige keuse ook verkeurd, maar jy sal nooit weet nie as jy nie probeer nie. Lewe bietjie buite jou boksie en sien die werêld. Jy is ook net mens! Jy mag foute maak.

Moet nooit die ideaal kies wat ander mense gelukkig maak nie. Jou geluk kom eerste, leer jouself lief kry voor jy ander probeer lief kry!

Die stuk hierbo het ek geskryf in die begin van die jaar. n Mens besef nooit regtig die waarde van jou skryfwerk wanneer jy dit skryf nie. Die stuk is vir my n herhinnering aan dat jy net n mens is en jy mag foute maak!

Tot volgende keer


Nomster Lady


The brain is one wonderful yet complicated organ. It’s amazing ability to control one’s body, mind, emotions and every other aspect of the human. There is, however, one of these aspects I can’t understand. Emotions. How does n squishy grey and white organ thingy know what you feel and when you need to feel it.I’m not talking about fiscal pain or reflects. I mean emotional pain.

Now I know this is no place for a sob story so I won’t tell one, but there is one story I think you need to hear.

~ This one guy I know says he can’t ‘feel’. No emotions can overtake his body. He won’t cry if he lost his girlfriend due to a fight. He won’t show any love or affection towards others. Nothing. Until one day I fell for him.

Oh boy I fell hard knowing he won’t catch me. The boy with no emotion towards others just simply can’t catch me. He doesn’t know how. Or so I thought. We are the best of friends even though he shows no friendship love towards me. We visit each other often to play ps4 or just ti lie around and drink coffee.

One day after the falling incident, school came out and I waited for him to come out so I can greet him before the weekend. He came out last which wasn’t unusual you see boys take their time. We talked for a while and decided to walk another way to the gate. The passage was clear with no soul in sight. He stopped.

I looked at him and was about to ask what’s wrong when his lips met mine.

A wave of new emotions floaded me. I was flying one moment , falling the next and yes, he caught me. I didn’t know what to think. It felt like a lifetime of going through this life was leading up to that one moment. The moment I lost a friendship bond built up over 3  year , replaced by this new bond. I didn’t know what that bond would be or what was meant by the kiss, but little did I know that one perfect moment would over shadow the rest of my school days.

I still don’t know what to make of these random kisses and very affectionate hugs. We’re not in a relationship but we are tied by this bond of which we no longer dare to speak of. No regrets have ever come over me. And every encounter in such a manor is carefully done. Meaning of course no other obligations to others are broken. Its no ongoing thing, it comes and goes, never over seeing its stay.

Yet I have come to realize I have an urge to feel his lips against mine one last time. To stop life for just one more moment, yet that moment seems to never come. The pain I feel is no ordinary pain. It’s the pain of a broken heart, but no glue can fix a heart broken yet still intact.

you see the brain is one amazing organ. It controls everything. From fiscal functions to fake smiles and made-up laughter. The brain can even create a mask for the girl who lost her heart to someone she never had.~

I really hope you never have to go through such pain in you life.

Based on fiction only, yet it can become true.

written by Nomster Lady. Till next time

Inside my head…

Now I know my blog is in Afrikaans but sometimes English just sounds better.

So today I wrote my last Afrikaans Exam and everything was looking good until I went to say good bye to one of my close friend. We come a long way and I know when somethings up. Usually he tells me if something is wrong and we work through it together, but today…

Let me start at the very beginning… In gr 8 we met and even dared to be in a relationship, of course this didn’t last and our paths separated for a while. When we finally got back to a friendship level we knew something was…different. Oh boy…

Different in the light of our friendship, it was never ever going to be normal. I don’t know if all “friendships after relationships” are like that, but we had a special bond on another level most people won’t understand. Anyway we were on and of but we stayed friends. It was difficult, but we always came back because of that unknown special bond we shared. Eventually our friendship grew into a brother sister kind of thing.

I am happy, believe me I am… But I’m scared to lose him. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because of our past. Yes, I do want that back, but what if I’m not suppose to get it from him. I don’t know… They do say teenagers experience a lot of emotional changes and this can confuse them, so maybe I’m just paranoid over nothing. In the end our friendship is unbreakable and I know it’s going to last and I’m thankful everyday for such a human being in my life. He is my brother, not by blood but by heart. No matter what changes our teenage body’s have to endure, or how much mixed signals we send and receive, I believe we’ll make it.

This is whats going on inside my eighteen year old head… is that normal ?


Nomster Lady

Eksamen en so…

Nou eksamen is n ding wat meeste mense ken. Niks is so erg soos die feit dat jy moet sit en leer nie. Ek haat dit met n passie.

Eks in Matriek en nou eers n week in my eindeksamen in ek ek wil all die handoek ingooi. Dis nie dat ek nie my matriek sertifikaat soek of nie meer omgee oor my toekoms nie, maar probeer verstaan. Om die selfde werk vir drie opeenvolgende eksamens te leer is nie maklik nie. Ek is hoogs verveeld en voeldat ek my werk ken. Darm is ek nog lewendig en sover was die eksamen genadig.

Is daar nog mense wat so voel? Al gaan dit nie net oor eksamen nie. Dalk in jou werk of by jou huis.

Sien in my huis weet ek, ek is glad nie alleen nie. My ma en pa is net so keelvol vir hul werke en die vakansie kan nie vinniger kom nie. Dis elke liewe jaar die tyd so. Dan is daar wragtig mense wat die ruggraat het om te vra hoekom ons wil weg gaan die vakansie. Soos hello…

#1 As ons nie weg gaan nie rus ons lywe en geestelike vermoë glad nie.

#2 Ons gaan nooit ophou werk nie. Wat ek hiermee bedoel is, ons gaan aan ons huis werk en besig bly om onself nie te frustreer met die selfde omgewing nie.

#3 Ons het die familie tyd nodig. Vandag se lewe is so besig, ons lewe verby mekaar. As ons by die huis kom is ons moeg, Frustreerd, geirreteerd en net nie lus om iets as n gesin saam te doen nie. Ek bv. is 99% van die tyd in my kamer besig met skool goed.

Ja ons verstaan die finansies is styf en dat ons better dinge met daai vakansie geld kan doen, maar vir ons… is daai wegbreek n kans om trug na normaal te verkeeren te vergeet van die probleme.

Well genoeg oor dit ek moet nou weer loop leer vir fisika.

sterkte daar buite. Die lewe is nie maklik nie.


Nomster Lady