Reality vs. Expectation

Reality. Many people have different views on this concept. So what is reality really ? Is it a simple ‘what happens in the real world’ or is it something more…?

You see, I see reality as the thing that you find to be the most real in this wonderful life of ours. Its not simply what happens in the world, but it’s what you see happening in this world. Reality can only be reality if you see the whole picture. Meaning all the big AND the little things in life.

My reality will be different than your reality. The way I see the world will be different than the way you see the world.

Now expectation is another form of your reality. Expectation is literally what you expect your reality to be like. Yes, sometimes they are different but that’s okay. No one’s perfect in this life and you are allowed to expect a bit more from this life. Its only the most human thing to do. Life is full of surprises, but once you master the art of excepting and adjusting to these surprises, you can confidently say you’ve mastered life.

Remember to not only focus on the big things in life, but also the little things. Usually they are the most important details of your life’s story. And no book is interesting without the small details to color the picture with.

So whatever you do in this life, do it in a way that reality and expectation are one in the same thing. Make your own reality and live it.

Till next time…


Nomster lady ❤



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